An order of more than 100 million A15 Bionic chips for the iPhone 13

Some Sources close to TSMC say the Cupertino company ordered more than 100 million Chips from 15 Bionics for your iPhone 13 devices. These new iPhones are slated for release next September, so it’s possible that this chip demand is totally true.

Maybe this processor will also be added in the iPad mini models

expected by the end of this year, so demand must be high to meet Apple’s needs. In this sense, what we are clear on is that the next iPhone will need to have a sufficient stock of processors.

Sales forecasts for these new iPhone models are high, which is why Apple is expected to manufacture around 100 million iPhones this year. Last year 2020, the company manufactured 75 million devices, so it is necessary to cover at least this amount and therefore Apple adds 25 million more to production. The manufacturing process of these new processors is 5nm.

The report we saw today posted on the popular MacRumors website states that the next chip will feature a six-core processor with four high-efficiency cores and two high-performance cores. It also looks like the screen will have a refresh rate of 120Hz as rumored it will be added eventually. the pantalla “Always on display”

a better rear camera or at least a different camera module and other major improvements on this model that should be a bestseller according to analysts.



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