Apple accidentally confirms the introduction of new AirTags

We look forward to the news from the Copertino boys, and look forward to every time we spend at home. But all in the long run … yeah, it looks like we'll soon have new devices, what's more, we're not just expecting a new iPhone, and it looks like soon we will have popular AirTags, labels that will allow us to find any program

or oppose what we have. And we don't say it precisely because of the rumors, Apple could have accidentally confirmed the arrival of new AirTags.

As you can see in the image that led to this post, Apple has confirmed by mistake in a video published on YouTube explaining how to remove our iPhone the advent of these new AirTags, and they've done it in a very unrealistic way, as they have chosen to make video with iOS images with locator tags active. In the video, which has already been removed and explained how to wipe our iPhone, AirTags come with the option of finding devices offline

, a new opportunity for us to thank iOS 13.

Getting offline allows this device as well AirTags accessible when not connected to a Wi-Fi network or mobile phone.

Some AirTags will allow us to find anything we put on it and it seems that, as we can see in the video, it will allow us to find them even when they don't have one, AirTags, or any other moving communication. We'll see now when they decide to introduce themselves (earlier this year there are rumors that it will be launched in the first quarter of 2020) guys from Copertino

It looks like the launch may be imminent as the launch of the new iPhone 9, or iPhone SE 2020, is in the air. We will let you know and once we have more information we will provide it to you.



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