Apple AirTags could cost around $ 40


Rumors, betas, leaks and Apple AirTag concepts have been with us for over a year. The latest beta versions of iOS 14.5 have enabled the Objects tab in the “ Find ” app, which for many is a statement of intent on the part of the Big Apple. And is that according to the latest information that Apple would think perform a keynote in April, the first which would take place this month for eleven years, during which we could see this accessory in a definitive way. In addition, latest analysis suggests AirTags would cost around $ 39

and it would be a bit smaller than the Galaxy SmartTags.

$ 39 for a long-awaited device: Apple AirTags

To date, we have received dozens of AirTag information and analysis leaks. In fact, they were found silhouettes of location beacons in an internal version of iOS 13. This suggests that those in Cupertino have been working on this accessory for some time. He could finally see the light of a possible April keynote even though for many, including Jon Prosser, it’s strange to have a keynote in April after many years of not having it.

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AirTags pairing animation leaks confirming design

In reference to new AirTags information comes from the Max Weinbach filter filter. Make sure the accessory will be 32mm x 32mm x 6mm in size. Circular in shape, it would be a little bigger than a 2 euro coin. Compared to size, the tiles are slightly larger, but slightly smaller than Samsung’s Galaxy SmartTags.

He also dares to provide the cost of the accessory. Each location tag would have a cost of $ 39, slightly higher than the price of other similar accessories from the competition. As we said, there’s a good chance AirTags will launch in the coming months and the possibility of a keynote in April is getting stronger. Three new products in the categories will be presented: tablets, accessories and portable devices.



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