Apple and Broadcom were sentenced to pay $ 1.1 billion to CalTech for copyright infringement


The California Institute of Technology, known as CalTech, filed a lawsuit against Apple and Broadcom in 2016 using the wireless technology created by both iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, AirPort and Mac. The decision of the trial held a few days ago has already been published again Not good news for Apple.

Both Apple and Broadcom have been sentenced to jointly pay the California Institute of Technology $ 1.1 billion. Apple will carry a much larger total of $ 838.8 million

while Broadcom will take another $ 270,2 million.

The court's ruling is the sixth largest decision of all time, a decision in which, of course, Apple and Broadcom disagreed and have announced a decision to appeal. Apple says that while operating Broadcom chips using CalTech technology, I should not be guilty of a crime.

However, the jury did not consider those arguments and considered Apple as guilty as Broadcom for using those marks. Representatives of both companies denied any inconvenience and confirmed that the center You have no right to cause serious harm, even if they exist.

A CalTech spokeswoman said she was happy with the judge's decision and added that the school is committed to protecting its intellectual property to promote its mission to increase human knowledge and to benefit the public through integrated educational research.

This decision is one of the biggest against Apple in all of its history and that it has nothing to do with the patent troll, small-scale patenting companies will soon disappear to sue the big one and issue a special edition.



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