Apple authorizes the production of OLED screens for the iPhone 16 Pro


The iPhone 16 in all its models will be released next September with new features in terms of colors available in its most standard models and in its Pro models. In addition, the expectations for autonomy growth are really good in all models even if the iPhone. 16 Plus will have a lower capacity. Everything seems to be going well in Apple’s plans with the new generation. Furthermore, Samsung Display and LG Display already have approval from Apple to begin production of the iPhone 16 Pro OLED displays,

one more step towards the start of mass production of Apple’s new iPhone.

Samsung and LG have Apple’s agreement for iPhone 16 Pro screens

This new information was published by the Korean media The Elec, which echoed that the two main suppliers of screens for iPhone 16 Pro, Samsung Display and LG Display, They received approval from Apple earlier this month

for its OLED screens for the new generation of Apple devices. Additionally, they offered information on the screens for all models and their supply: while Samsung will produce screens for all models, LG Display will only produce for the Pro models.

Finishes and colors of the iPhone 16 Pro

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The turn to approve the screens for the Pro Max models will come at the end of the month or the beginning of June for both companies in the same way as it happened with the Pro model. When this last step is taken, Mass production of the next iPhone 16 could begin, which will be released in September. The OLED panels we hope to have on the iPhone 16 don’t differ much technically from the iPhone 15, except that the bezels could be a bit smaller and could offer a possible, albeit barely noticeable, increase in the size of the screen. .



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