Apple continues to flee from China, Pegatron opens another factory in India


This pandemic has made it clear to us in terms of China, It is true that we are passionate about the Asian giant, which has dedicated itself to showing an unstoppable muscle at the technological level, productive and almost in all areas in which they decide to focus (except football). However, we have also learned that depending exclusively on its production and concentration can be very expensive.

Apple has learned many lessons during the health crisis and is already starting to take steps to minimize its dependence on China. In this way, one of its main assembly suppliers transfers part of its production to India.

In this case we are talking about Pegatron, the manufacturing firm has invested $ 14.2 million in the purchase of the exploitation rights for to build a major factory in Channai. They thus intend to diversify their final assembly points and, as we have said, to minimize the impact that any setback in China could have on their products. This is how they reported DigiTimes

about this significant change of course for Pegatron, something that has already happened with other Apple collaborators such as Foxconn who have also made similar moves.

This new factory in India will mainly assemble the iPhone, and it is expected that once the year 2021 reaches its equator, it will be fully operational, employing more than 14,000 workers in the region. Peagtron is Apple’s second-largest service provider to date and has been investing in India since 2020, where they have already approved projects worth around $ 150 million. The constant issues Apple contractors have with workers’ rights in China may have something to do with this.



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