Apple highlights connection between iPhone and Apple Watch in new ad

New iPhone and Apple Watch Announcement

Big Apple ads have always been an example of audiovisual production. There are some who have marked a before and after, especially those that refer to novelties on certain dates like Christmas. Throughout the year, many other much shorter commercials are published which aim to show some key features or options of the products. The latest published by Apple refers to the vital connection between iPhone and Apple Watch.

This connection facilitates certain functions such as the possibility of find the lost watch, the center of the new ad’s plot.

Find your iPhone with Apple Watch: the new Apple announcement

A lost iPhone is easily found. Relax, it’s iPhone + Apple Watch.

The ad features a country man who has spent a long day stacking straw. He comes home and can’t find his phone, but he thinks of going to the pile of straw and checking if your watch connects to iPhone.

As it connects, it indicates that the device needs to be close. Therefore, activate the “Find iPhone” function and the smartphone starts ringing with a warning. The protagonist reaches the pile of straw and finds the iPhone.

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Apple watch

This function It is essential to show the connection between the two devices.

For proper operation, it is necessary that the iPhone is nearby to ensure that it connects to the Apple Watch. If you’re not nearby, you can go to and try playing a sound remotely without having the clock nearby. With this function, the user has control of his devices in case of loss. An advertisement that shows a daily situation that any user can repeat every week.



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