Apple Introduces New Beats Studio Buds Special Edition Lunar New Year

We are in the middle of the giveaway season, many of you will have chosen to give away “expensive” devices like an iPhone or an iPad, others will have cut the budget towards headphones like AirPods, and if you want to give a gift cheap, the best option is probably AirTags. But today we want to talk to you about headphones, everything is not AirPods … Apple

He also has Beats headphones for sale, and they just announced a few new special edition Beats Studio Buds for Lunar New Year.

As you can see in the previous image, Apple wanted to announce via the Beats profile on Instagram this new edition of the famous Beats Studio Buds, the True Wireless headphones from Beats. An edition that comes with a totally red with golden stripes representing the skin of a tiger, and is that next year 2022 Chinese culture will celebrate the new “Year of the Tiger”. A product that is being announced will be available in stores from January 1, 2022, of course, predictably only in stores in the Asian market.

We’re celebrating the Lunar New Year with our special edition Beats Studio Buds. In homage to the Year of the Tiger, the Buds feature an all-red design with gold tiger print details. On sale January 1st!

Some Beats Studio Buds What they perfectly replace AirPods, both under the aegis of Apple. They have a wireless in-ear design similar to Apple’s AirPods pro, they have active noise cancellation, replaceable ear pads, eight hour battery life and Class 1 Bluetooth

for quick pairing with iOS and Android devices. An announcement which is also accompanied by the launch of a Limited edition AirTag in Japan with a tiger emoji also to celebrate the new year of the tiger. You already know if you are looking for a quality alternative to AirPods, consider these Beats Studio Buds, they won’t disappoint.



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