Apple is inviting other developers to an online study for availability

WWDC 2020 online

Apple, like Google and Microsoft, canceled an annual developer event a few weeks ago, to contribute to it stop the coronavirus expansion. While both Apple and Microsoft, lobbied for an online event, like Google earlier, the previous one decided not to host an online event.

WWDC was scheduled for June this year (as is the case every year), but it looks like Apple has already fallen out of business and has started sending emails to other developers inviting them to an online course

where support will be provided on how this community can use the accessibility assistance provided by iOS on their devices.

The online event will take place on April 23, with an online session where developers will have the opportunity to ask questions in the community and in person. It is the first time that Apple has created an online consultation session between Apple's developers and developers, often held in the days following the launch of the WWDC.

Apple probably wants it test the performance of the new system to address potential organizational or operational issues that you may encounter before preparing for all the content of the visible WWDC to be held this year. Being the first test performed by Apple in this regard, we do not know that the content of the event will eventually be available on the Apple Developer program, formerly known as WWDC.

We don't even know if Apple's purpose is beyond focus on all WWDC sessions in one week, or if you plan to put them in place at a time, this is their first, even though the first beta of iOS 14 has been released, with little or nothing developers can do to take advantage of Apple's new features in iOS 14.



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