Apple is launching a free repair plan for the iPad Air 3 collection

IPad screen change

A few months ago I received a letter from Toyota. He explained to me that they were getting a malfunction of a bunch of airbags, my car was the one in charge of those tools. They recommended that I make an appointment at any sale to continue changing the airbag at no cost.

Apple did the same thing. You've found a screen failure on a certain third-generation iPads Air band and you're ready to fix it for free. Apple Bravo.

Apple has just introduced a free repair system for certain third-generation Windows Air units. They are affected by an error that can make the screen suddenly appear blank. The company statement says the following:

Apple has determined that, under certain circumstances, the screen for a limited number of third-generation Windows Air devices can remain completely blank. A short flicker or flash may appear before the screen becomes empty.

The company confirms that this affects a set of concrete releases made between March and October 2019. Any iPad experiencing this problem will be repaired by Apple or Apple's authorized service for free.

IPad Air users who have experienced this failure remain empty, should go to Apple's official support service, make an appointment at a corporate store, or contact Apple's technical support continuing the renovation of the Apple Repair Center.

This new repair system includes the third-generation models iPad Air has for two years after your first purchase of the unit.



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