Apple is launching a great place to launch the iPad Pro with a new magic keyboard

We already have something new between us IPad Pro Magic Keyboard, a new keyboard with a new trackpad that will turn the iPad plus Pro into a worthy success on standard laptops as we know them. Our team already has one and you can see the full update on the Actualidad iPhone. And you, have you got yours? If our review doesn't convince you, maybe it's the guys from Copertino who do. And they just introduced one of the best places for recent times to raise this new Pro

. After the jump we leave you in the spotlight to see if you go for a ring and you get this new iPad Pro Magic Keyboard.

As you have seen, the new iPad Pro is called FloatIt also clearly shows us that floating is the Magic Keyboard to enable the Apple Pro. The only magic we have to attach to this case is the magnet you have both the magic keyboard and the iPad Pro they have and it will always float on the keyboard. By using a beautiful hummingbird we see the float of the new iPad Pro on the Magic keyboard

. The hummingbird also goes with all the power of this new tandem, and yes it even takes a picture with the new iPad Pro camera with the LIDAR sensor.

As you can see, this is a return to Apple's good taste of locationsAnd that is, in my opinion, one of the best places that Apple has introduced in recent months, and most of all, one of the things that comes into our eyes is to sell us a product. And you, do you like this new place? Have you bought a new magic keyboard?



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