Apple is launching an international travel monitoring platform by COVID-19

A few days ago we informed you that Apple Maps is getting a long-distance conversion. In the system's search line itself, the choice is given to the most important stores and locations in the public health problem over other categories. However, Apple wanted to go further and introduce the tool see changes in the demographics of each country, based on the search log from your map app. Thanks to this tool we see The result of each country's content measures

based on searches on Apple Maps.

Spaniards reduce their mobility by about 90%

This data is generated by counting the number of requests made to Apple Maps to get directions to selected countries / regions and cities. Data transmitted from users' devices to the Maps service is associated with random identification, so Apple does not have a profile for their navigation and search. Availability of data to a specific country / region or city depends on many factors, including the minimum number of daily request requests.

The operating system of the new Apple platform is simple and has been registered under the name travel custom reports. As a result of these reports we are able to see the trend of each country of the over 60 countries shown on the platform. This helps us realize faster how the results of the different channels were taken by governments of each country. Delivery is subdivided into foot, automobile or public transport.

Data is collected accounting for the additional amount of search on Apple Maps. But Apple has already confirmed that that data is not linked to any Apple ID. And there is no record of each visitor's location. In addition, they confirmed that each search request was associated with a random identifier to avoid privacy issues.

The tool is free and you can contact individual graphs of each country from Apple's official website. In the case of Spain, measures taken by the Government have reduced travel and public transport costs by 90 percent. However, driving in your car was reduced by 81%.



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