Apple is signing a former Netflix developer to improve technical support

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In recent years, Apple has made a series of signatures for creating content, One of the two most important components of a video streaming service. Another important part is the support it provides, the quality of the service, the category you have to take care of as it grows.

Currently the catalog available on Apple TV is very limited. In the coming months, various topics will be featured in the form of series, articles and films. As it grows, the video streaming infrastructure, it must remain as it is now

. To avoid problems in this regard, Apple has signed a former Netflix developer.

We're talking about Ruslan Meshenberg. According to the Wall Street Journal, Ruslan was signed by Apple to create technical support for that video streaming service be able to offer high quality video streaming without any sudden fall (like HBO) and that customers can enjoy high quality content.

Ruslan, who has been working on Netflix for almost nine years (the time he reached three positions, the last one as president of anti-cloud engineering), was one of the attendees The developers of the Netflix program are currently using it to stream video. The former Netflix developer joined Apple this week and will be part of the Internet services department leading the developer team.

This signing took place right there Apple is changing its approach to all cloud services relying heavily on external suppliers to save money. Last year, Apple signed former Twitter engineer, Michael Abbott, which seems to have been a precursor to this change.



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