Apple launches second beta of AirPods Pro firmware increasing call volume

Apple AirPods Pro

Apple doesn’t just sell iPhones, iPads, or Macs, in fact these devices aren’t some of the company’s latest super hits, and you only have to look at the faces of the people you meet every day to realize how point and more people wear a pair of AirPods, Apple’s crown jewel. Some AirPods are growing in popularity even when they were initially hated for their designs, but as has happened with other devices, the competition has taken it upon themselves to copy them. It’s been a month since Apple started launching Beta versions of the AirPods Pro firmware, they have now just released a second version.

Keep reading as we tell you the news it brings.

As we told you, in this case Apple launched the second AirPods Pro firmware version, especially the 4A362b version, a beta which is not as easy to install as in the case of the iPhone or the Apple Watch, to enter the AirPods betas we need to have Xcode on our Mac and the process is quite complicated. According to the Apple developer website, this new update brings us support for Conversation boost, nail new iOS 15 feature that uses the two beamforming microphones to increase the volume of conversations, something very useful when we are in environments where there is a lot of noise.

Small improvements which, with the arrival of beta versions, are that in the final version of the firmware, a version as stable as possible is released. Apple had some issues with noise cancellation when launching the firmware versions of the AirPods and it seems that with these betas they want to avoid at all costs that the problems repeat themselves.



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