Apple launches study to detect COVID-19 with Apple Watch

ECG and Apple Watch Series 6

We have been suffering from the COVID-119 pandemic for over a year and it seems that it will never end … Vaccine problems, containment policy problems, endless news that gives us no respite from this pandemic which is so hard for us affecting. But in the face of so much bad news, we still have a strange hope. Today Apple has just published a new study in which it will use the Apple Watch to detect possible COVID-19 infection early

. Read on as we give you all the details on this new study from Apple for the detection of COVID-19.

As we tell you, Apple wanted to launch a new study (The company’s interest in using the Apple Watch to detect health problems is already known) with which detect respiratory illnesses, including COVID-19 or influenza, a study to be carried out in the United States in collaboration with the University of Washington and Seattle Flu Study

, and that it will last six months. Thanks to universities and the Apple Research app, the call will go out for users to apply. If they are selected will receive an Apple Watch that will collect data on their health and activity. They will also have to complete surveys (weekly and monthly) via Apple Research on their iPhone on respiratory symptoms and their lifestyle.

If the user is infected during the study, a free PCR test will be provided. to contrast the data generated via the Apple Watch. And can the latest Apple Watch sensors tell us a lot about our condition. A The Mount Sinai study found that the Apple Watch is able to predict a positive diagnosis of COVID-19 up to one week before the PCR test. And you, Would you participate in a similar test in Europe?



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