Apple Maps already allows you to receive alerts from the Safety Cloud emergency system

Safety Cloud is integrated with Apple Maps

Driving safety is always a priority when creating apps related to map navigation. In fact, iOS includes systems to avoid distracted driving with the aim of increasing user safety while driving. However, there are many other dangers when you are on the road, such as the presence of accidents or incidents that make driving difficult. There are systems that allow notification of these hazards such as HAAS Alert Security Cloud whose platform has been integrated with Apple Maps. Safety Cloud notifications now appear directly in the Apple Maps app.

HAAS Alert Safety Cloud integrates into Apple Maps

HAAS Alert’s mission is to create vital mobility solutions to make vehicles and roads safer and smarter. Our vision is a connected, collision-free world where everyone comes home safe. HAAS Alert makes roads and communities safer by sending digital alerts of emergency response, municipal and private fleets, work areas and connected infrastructure to nearby drivers through its vehicle communication platform.

Security Cloud is an incident notification platform created by HAAS Alert. Incidents can be the arrival of an emergency vehicle, a traffic accident or a change in traffic, among others. Bringing this type of information to the attention of the driver allows safer traffic and awareness of its limits. Th is technology is integrated as standard in some vehicles from major brands such as Jeep, Chrysler or Alfa Romeo. Plus, they also integrate with services like Waze.

From now on, it also integrates with Apple Maps. In other words, all notifications received by Safety Cloud are sent directly to Apple Maps in real time. This measure is justified because studies show that these digital alerts reduce the risk of accidents by up to 90% when the risks and dangers on the road are known.

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The information comes from a press release published where the vice-president of HAAS Alert applauds the measure, assuring that from now on drivers using an iPhone are now “safer and more aware of road conditions”. They end the speech by thanking Apple for prioritizing driver safety in an effort to “eliminate all road deaths and serious road injuries.”



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