Apple Maps is already adding support for public transport in European cities

Apple Maps

And among these new cities are from our country as Barcelona, ​​but there is more. Apple Maps public transit data comes in a way that is regulated in many countries of the European Union and Spain apparently also has its share arrival of this information in Barcelona, ​​Bilbao or Valencia,

to be the next city to receive this information after Madrid.

Meet the schedules and other details of the subway, bus, passenger trains or tram It's already possible from Maps in the city of Barcelona. To do this, we simply use the "Public Transit" option, they will have complete information about it, in addition to being able to follow route directions by car or on foot.

At a very slow pace every major city in Europe is getting the service offered by Apple Maps and it's really fun to travel freely with these big, iPhone-like cities. We can only say that this work is being done by Vteran in other parts of the world, but in our country it is starting to work slowly and now big cities have begun to have them.

Public Transport

The bottom line is that we can now easily map public transit to Apple Maps, via route times and other information That is great for us when we visit the city for the first time, since transfers and other information needed to move from one point to another are included. Beautiful Apple!



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