Apple Music for Artists allows artists to share their successes on social media

Apple Music for artists

Apple provides artists who offer their music through Apple Music the Apple Music for Artist service, a service that allows them to learn about number of reproductions of their songs, the income they make, the countries and even the cities where they are heard the most

(allowing them to plan concerts) …

For the past few hours, Apple has updated the service to add a new feature that allows musicians share your successes with your subscribers on social networks. This function automatically generates hits that the artist has achieved and / or songs to stand out on social networks.

Among these successes that the service allows to share through social networks, we find a number of reproductions, detections via Shazam, the inclusion in playlists organized by Apple Music …

Artists will also have access to their creations via the app for mobile devices, from where they can share them via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and on Facebook and Instagram Stories.

For now, this new feature only available via the iOS app. Presumably, this functionality will come sooner or later in the web version.

Apple Music for Artists is available to all artists who use Apple Music. Provides artists and their teams with sales and streaming data for songs, albums, playlists, and more. completely free.

Apple Music for artists (AppStore link)



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