Apple presents its augmented reality glasses to the board of directors

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The amount of information that pops up these days is overwhelming. Especially considering that in just two weeks WWDC22 will begin, the most important event of the year for Apple developers. Operating systems are usually announced at this event. Very few times have Tim Cook and his team decided to showcase products in the keynote. However, many believe that Reality OS, Apple’s augmented reality glasses operating system, would make an appearance at the conference. In reality, The final design of the augmented reality glasses that will be marketed in 2023 has already been presented to the board of directors.

Apple’s augmented reality glasses would be marketed in 2023

Augmented reality glasses have been on the lips of analysts for a long time. However, now seems to be the definitive moment, the moment when we will finally know what its final design will look like. This first generation is expected it is a bulky device and costs more than 1000 dollars, accessible to fans and specialized developers. At the hardware level, it will pack high-resolution screens, a powerful chip and advanced sensors, which, in part, would make the price more expensive. But let’s not lose sight of the essential: Apple wants to create small augmented reality glasses.

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According to Mark Gurman, Apple executives They have already presented the final draft of the Apple glasses to the board of directors. This presentation is made when the product has its imminent production and marketing. In fact, we’ve been causing rumors around these augmented reality glasses for many years and this could be the real debut of the Apple product. It seems the big apple has projected its commercialization for 2023.

It means that a nice presentation of the product is necessary like Steve Jobs introduced the iPhone back then. These are products that add popularity to the brand and, above all, can set a precedent internally and externally. As I told you, the WWDC only focuses on operating systems but we cannot exclude a one more thing where we see a preview of RealityOS and Apple’s augmented reality glasses.



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