Apple raises the limit to purchase more than two iPhones in the same order

Flexibility and flexibility can be two words that describe the current state of the world through COVID-19 deletion. The decisions and actions that companies take worldwide must be strong and preventable. A wrong move would mean a loss of millions of dollars that could mean before and after in its lists. A few days ago Apple announced that it would block simultaneous purchases of iPhone, iPad Pro, Mac mini and MacBook Air to two units per model in the Apple Store Online. Today we know that Restrictions for iPhones removed.

Problems needs? Apple is removing restrictions on the Appl Store Online

Apple's online store now limits customers in the United States to purchase "two units of each iPhone model per person." Of course, customers can buy more than two iPhones in the same order, as long as the models are different. For example, you can buy two iPhone XR devices and two iPhone 11 Pro devices, but you can't buy four iPhone XR devices. Limitations to purchase the iPhone works on iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone XR, iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, and iPhone 11 Max.

This restriction came from an Apple online store in the United States a few days ago. Problems caused by coronavirus may have caused some uncertainty among the Cupertino clusters. The route was simple: no more than two devices of the same model may be purchased in the same order. This way, Apple made sure to put a limit on demand at this limit.

Yet, today we know that iPhone restriction removed,

and you can buy a few centers for each model in the online store. On the other hand, the unit limit is stored on the MacBook Air, Mac Mini and iPad Pro models. An explanation for this unusual move is only available at Apple, but it is proposed for several icons.

One of them will be about the production being distributed in a large part of the Asian countries. The complex situation these countries face with their factories would be at risk of an important major apple production line. Another idea is found in seek. Obviously this is likely to be below Apple's expectations, so the ratio wouldn't say.



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