Apple seeks more space for iPhone batteries

The miniaturization This is something quite common in mobile technology, unfortunately batteries haven’t been able to make them smaller, and when it decreases in size it tends to proportionally decrease in capacity, which companies want to avoid. at all costs.

Apple has decided to fight to make chips even smaller in favor of bigger batteries in its devices.

In this way, if not to improve the capacity of the battery, at least to maintain the duration of the charge despite having included new capacities. It remains the Achilles heel of today’s mobile technology.

According to DigiTimes Apple intends to Adopting IPD technology for the peripheral chips of its products, that is, all those that are attached to the motherboard via flexible cables, as they correspond to parts of the device located at a specific end. In this way, it not only aims to achieve better overall performance of the device as response times are shortened, but also the ability to place slightly larger batteries inside, and we already know what that means. . It is not that Apple is working in this direction by thinking only of the iPad, but that it intends to fully integrate it into its range of products such as the iPad, MacBook and of course the Apple Watch.

While, The Cupertino company is working with TSMC and Amkor with the intention of obtaining positive results in the investigation of this technology.ogie. Everything indicates that we are far from seeing this novelty in future devices, especially if we take into account the few novelties at the hardware level that are expected for the iPhone 13 according to recent leaks. In the meantime, anything that increases battery capacity will be welcome.



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