Apple sold around 40 million iPhone 13s over Christmas

The Christmas campaign is one of the biggest in terms of turnover for the Cupertino company. Just like some of you received an iPhone this Christmas, of course not me, but early predictions suggest that the Cupertino company was able to place around 40 million units of the iPhone 13 in all its variants during these holidays.

Apple is increasingly differentiating itself from its competitors in terms of premium phone sales, an area where Samsung and Huawei are less and less present due to mid-range competitors.

Daniel Ives, analyst of Webdush it is clear to him. According to their sources in the supply chain, in recent weeks, the demand for components has increased significantly and had to supply Apple with around 12 million units in December alone,

which will undoubtedly increase the profits of the Cupertino company. This is in stark contrast to the supply issues that arose before the terminals were launched. However, that doesn’t mean that the iPhone 12 series models have lost momentum, especially given the aggressive sales during Black Friday.

There are around 975 million iPhone users worldwide, 230 million of whom have not switched devices in the past three years. This can be a strong impetus for them to decide to change terminal. Likewise, added services like Apple Music, Fitness + or Apple TV + make users reconsider offers from third-party providers. The many offers of these services with the acquisition of new products boosted sales during a Christmas that continued to be marked by the COVID-19 pandemic.



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