Apple starts applying the 3% ‘Google tax’ in the App Store

App store

It’s been more than two years since the famous “Google tax” or what amounts to the same thing: the Tax on certain digital services (IDSD) In USA. This new tax came into force in 2021 and affects any technology company that derives certain income from digital services in USA and is taxed and 3%. These services include App Store apps.

However, Apple did not apply this tax known as the “Google tax” in the App Store until May 31. Starting today, this tax is passed on to developers with paid apps and any in-app purchases.

Apple complies and the 3% ‘Google tariff’ is already applied in the App Store

Although the law was approved in the Congress of Deputies in October 2020, it was only approved in the Senate on January 16, 2021. In fact, September 2023 was the latest date the tax had to be incorporated in each of the services that have been affected by the IDSD. Among these services are online advertising, the sale of data or applications within application stores as in the case of the App Store.

App store

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Apple therefore had to make a move and on May 30 announced through a note in the developer portal that it was enforced. the 3% digital services tax

since May 31 of this year. This will produce a change in the money developers receive since it is to them that this tax applies in these paid apps, with in-app subscriptions, or with in-app purchases.

Recall that this tax colloquially known as the “Google tax” had a significant impact on technology companies that ensured its compliance. this would negatively affect foreign investment and the digital economy.



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