Apple store in Santa Rosa Plaza in California is broken into

Apple Store Robot

Again, we have to break the news of a assault on an Apple store in CaliforniaThis type of event occurs despite Apple making it increasingly difficult to use stolen material from corporate stores.

In this sense, we must take into account how “simple” it can be to take products from the Apple Store since most of the products are without security cable and in which we find the cable, it is not. too robust. In all cases the rate of robberies in Apple stores is low despite all this but from time to time they happen

as is the case we are discussing today.

The 9To5Mac website indicates that the Santa Rosa Police Department is investigating this theft which occurred this week from the Apple store in northern California. In this case, a group of young people between 14 and 18 years old is suspected. The quantity of products stolen in this new cycle has an approximate value of approximately $ 20,000

as stated by the police themselves.

It is clear that we are facing a major theft with a really high amount of money but all of this could not be of much use since Apple devices that are on the tables

they are rendered useless outside of stores once they lose the Wi-Fi connection. These types of security measures are unknown to many thieves who seek to sell these stolen devices on the used market. Regardless, the theft is being investigated with footage from the facility’s security cameras and citizen collaboration that were in the store just as this theft took place, just a day before Thanksgiving.



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