Apple to stop signing iOS 14.4 after official release of iOS 14.4.1

On March 8, Apple released iOS 14.4.1. This new version included the resolution of a security bug related to WebKit reported by two employees of Google and Microsoft. For a few days after launch, Apple still allows you to reinstall the previous version, but when you stop sign ing that version, we will only stay in the version signed by those in Cupertino. A few hours ago Apple has stopped signing iOS 14.4

For what users could not revert to iOS 14.4 when installing iOS 14.4.1.

We can no longer go back to iOS 14.4, Apple stops signing the version

iOS 14.4.1 arrived on March 8 and with version only one security patch. It was discovered by Clément Lecigne and Alison Huffman. The first from a Google threat analysis group and the second from a Microsoft vulnerability research group. These people found a vulnerability in WebKit, a browser-based application development platform such as Safari.

This vulnerability has been found on iPhone 6s and later, iPad Air 2 and later, iPad mini 4 and later, and iPod touch (7th generation), i.e. say on iOS 14 compatible devices. The impact of this vulnerability meant that arbitrary and malicious code could be executed from any of these websites using the SDK. Apple fixed the problem improve the validation of web applications,

as reported in the update log.

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However, what concerns us today is that Apple has stopped signing iOS 14.4. This means that we will not be able to install iOS 14.4 from the Big Apple servers and that we will have to stay on the latest version of iOS. In fact, Apple is shipping iOS 14.5 betas to Apple, a huge update that could be the last until iOS 15 arrives.



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