Apple TV + ‘For All Humanity’ renews for a third season

To All Mankind, Apple TV + series

Apple TV + has started hitting the accelerator to try and keep the maximum number of users on the platform. After a year with us, dozens of documentaries, series and programs have emerged in the service. In addition, in the coming months, they are starting to launch the new times of the first series announced by Apple at the start of the platform. This is the case of “ For All Humanity ” which launches its second season on February 19. However, two months after launch Apple has confirmed the renewal of the series for a third season

whose production would begin in the spring.

‘For All Mankind’ Season 3 Confirmed

For All Humanity or “For All Humanity” is one of the first series to have seen the light of day on Apple TV +. The plot is simple and utopian where a world is shown where the Russians defeated the United States by being the first to reach the moon.

The second season was confirmed the month Apple TV + launched and will see the light of day almost a year and a half later, in February 2021.

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The second season of the series For All Humanity, premieres February 19, 2021

The second season will see the light of day in February 2021 and the the 80s

in which the creator, Ronald D. Moore, wanted to present the space shuttle for the first time. We will see a submerged society in the midst of the Cold War where the Soviet Union and the United States continue to face each other on the space race, the common thread of the Apple TV + series.

However, the news is that Apple TV + has renewed “For All Humanity” to record a third season. Production will begin in spring 2021. No further plot information has yet emerged, which is clear since what matters now is the promotion of the new season.



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