Apple UK stores closed for 7 weeks

Regent store

Once again, Apple stores in the UK are completely closed to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and following Apple’s own guidelines in this regard, shutting down any issues to prevent the spread of the damn virus. So every store in the country is now closed No option for express store, customer service or other.

For now and until further notice, these stores will be closed like the rest of the stores, which makes it another big blow to the country’s trade.

The closure is scheduled for seven weeks

And it’s not a one or two week shutdown, Apple stores nationwide will go blind for seven weeks So there is no option other than online support or shopping through Apple’s website.

The country will be closed during this time and you will only be able to go out to go to work or perform essential tasks. A total closure that will undoubtedly affect the country’s economy at the very moment when it is exceed 50,000 daily cases of COVID-19 infection

, saturating hospitals across the country with the attendant problems.

Users who need to return any of the products purchased in the UK and who participate in the after-holiday return campaign will be able to do so when stores reopen. Apple has already officially confirmed that the term is extended without a problem.



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