Apple updates HomePod and Apple TV to version 16.3.1

Apple HomePod 2

Apple has just released a new software update for HomePod there AppleTV to version 16.3.1. A new version which does not bring a priori significant novelties, but rather corrects some errors detected since the release of version 16.3.

But don’t search with your iPhone for a new iOS 16.3.1. For the moment, today, it is only the turn of HomePod and Apple TV. So we will have to wait a few days for Cupertino to have a new update for iOS and iPadOS ready.

On Friday of last week, Apple began shipping the first orders of the new HomePod. And something had to do with it not quite working properly, when it quickly released a new version of HomePods software and also Apple TV today.

A new update, the 16.3.1, which does not a priori bring anything new at the user level. It just fixes a few bugs (and they shouldn’t be minor) that Apple has found. So don’t hesitate to update your HomePod or Apple TV as soon as possible.

But there is the trick. Don’t grab your iPhone or iPad and start looking for a new 16.3.1 version of iOS oh iPadOS. Although normally when Apple releases new updates it usually releases them at the same time for all of its devices, today it only affected HomePod and Apple TV.

This rush is surely due to the fact that the first orders for the new HomePod are already arriving in homes around the world, and this update should fix an issue found in software 16.3, both in the HomePod version and in Apple TV.

So we will have to wait a few days for Apple Park to have the rest of the software ready in version 16.3.1 for the remaining devices, and we can update them.



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