Apple warns some retailers that the iPhone replacement may be delayed by Coronavirus

IPhone 11 Pro

Coronavirus continues to make headlines, it doesn't matter what kind of news is that today we'll find something Coronavirus related. An epidemic that continues to cancel events, and change our lives a bit. Yesterday I was talking about the predictions of some analysts for the launch of the next iPhone 12, and today the news is not so optimistic: Apple will be warning its distributors about the increase in waiting times to receive app switches

. After the jump we give you all the details of the new Coronavirus related issues.

It's been published by Bloomberg executives, and these replacement items are from seriously damaged devices and therefore need to be replaced with a new repaired iPhone. The time was very short but now from Apple they say it can reach 2 – 4 weeks

. In their case, Apple would send emails to users who need to be replaced by distributors to give them the opportunity to get directly home from Apple. They do not say why the delay is so, but the fact is that since Bloomberg they've been able to confirm that these problems are caused delivery delays due to the impact Coronavirus has
in the global technology market.

And the fact is that technology companies that work for Apple as Foxconn and Pegatron, have been shutting down for two weeks or so when the global warning is announced but they seem to be working again. Needed companies in the Apple assembly line … We'll see what happens with all of this, at the official Apple store it seems they also have some deficiencies due to these supply issues … And you, have you encountered this problem?



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