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Apple Watch Square

One thing is the iPhone and another thing is the Apple Wacth. Regarding the design of a watch, the current Apple Watch may not appeal to everyone, it is quite thick, it has a slightly round line despite the corners and although it is true that many users, including me – even, it seems to us a nice and successful design for the device, it may not appeal to everyone.

As for the design of the new iPhone 12 model, we don’t think the same will happen and less when it comes to the gorgeous 2018 iPad Pro and the new iPad Air. Its straight sides may not be as ergonomic when picking up the device, but there is no doubt that the design is beautiful, slim, and in this case most users seem to like it. Logically there are exceptions, it’s obvious but they are more what they like in this case so a designer asked himself, Why not add this design to the Apple Watch?

An Apple Watch with right sides in the style of the iPhone 12

Designer Wilson Nicklaus, launches its Apple Watch concept with straight sides in true iPhone 12 style. This, which is a concept created by someone outside of Apple, does not have to be something official but more one may also like it because of the similarity with new Apple devices.

What is clear is that if this concept of Apple Watch Series 7 is taken to the extreme and manages to make it slim (in the photos it may not be well appreciated) it might look good, but most of us are used to the round side and that’s that The Apple Watch has been like this since its first edition launched in 2015. It is also true that the watch has grown in screen size and is now slimmer, but the design of the latest Apple Watch Series 6 is very similar to that of the first generation.

How would you like this flat design in true iPhone 12 style on an Apple Watch?



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