Apple will abandon the ‘mini’ model with the launch of the iPhone 14

Apple iPhone 14

iPhone 14 rumors keep popping up and coming to fruition. Yesterday we knew that only the iPhone 14 Pro will pack the new A16 chip while the other models will pack the A15 chip that the iPhone 13 currently has. Rumors today suggest that Apple would abandon the “mini” model and would increase the screen size of the Pro models to fit your new design. The design, as we’ve commented on over the past few weeks, would ditch the notch to have a pill-shaped design.

Larger size for the iPhone 14 Pro and abandonment of the ‘mini’ model

The iPhone 14 for many could be a disappointment. Many users comment on social networks about the latest rumors. Just yesterday we learned that it’s likely only the Pro models will feature the new A16 (or A15X) chip while the rest will mount the A15 chip. We also knew that all models would hit 6GB of RAM. This is a novelty as currently only the Pro models have 6GB while the others have 4GB.

Latest news from 9to5mac highlights Apple’s discontinuation of the ‘mini’ model. This would therefore mean that the big apple would not market an iPhone 14 mini with the smaller screen as it did two generations ago. This would leave the iPhone 14 with the following layout:

  • 6.1 inch iPhone in standard model and Pro model
  • 6.7-inch iPhone in standard mode and Pro model

In this way, Apple would discontinue the 5.4-inch iPhoe mini in its fourteenth generation. However, The iPhone 14 Pro and 14 Pro Max would include an increase in screen size everywhere to fit the new pill-shaped design that you can see throughout the renders of this article.

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Finally, from the American media, they comment that Apple continues to work on satellite technology which ran so much last September for the iPhone 13. It is a technology that would allow users to send emergency messages when there is no mobile coverage via the satellite connection. It’s unclear whether the technology will reach the iPhone 14 or iPhone 14 Pro. What is clear is that Apple is still working on it under the secret name “Stewie”.



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