Apple will allow developers to increase the price of their subscriptions with certain limits

App Store Price 2021

We have already forgotten it but a few years ago there was not App store nor any app store. Today everyone knows what these digital stores are, and in the end we can have the mobile device but without a doubt all the applications of the different stores make them great. Business models have also changed: from paid apps, free apps with ads, to apps that require a subscription. Well, compared to that, Apple is going to make some changes to the App Store. Apple will allow developers to increase the price of auto-renewing subscriptions, yes, with some limitations…

Until now, developers could automatically increase subscription prices for users, but users received a notification informing them of the new prices and subscribers had to approve the new price, otherwise the subscription was automatically canceled. Now the increase will occur without our action, that is, the developer can change the price, we will receive a notification, but we will not have to confirm it

. What are the limits ? They will only be able to update prices once a year to prevent abuse of this feature.

Another limitation is that You can only increase the price by $5 for regular subscriptions or $50 for annual subscriptions

. Changes will be made automatically but we will still receive push notifications informing us of the change and emails with the new prices. If the developer violates the limits, we will be the ones to manually subscribe. Changes that will certainly not please everyone since in the end we leave too much freedom to the developer, although knowing the guys from Cupertino ensure they establish comprehensive controls to prevent abuse.



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