Apple will launch a new, improved and cheaper Apple TV in 2022


The Apple TV is a product that the Big Apple has not spent enough time on, or at least that’s what a lot of users think. The main features are those of being an audiovisual transmission system connected to the entire Apple ecosystem. However, today there are great alternatives for less than 100 dollars such as Chromecast or Fire TV. This is one of the main reasons sales don’t skyrocket. However, Apple may launch a new, cheaper Apple TV with a more compact design in the second half of 2022 to improve its market competitiveness.

A cheaper Apple TV in the second half of 2022 could be a reality

Apple TV HD gives you the best shows, movies, live sports, and access to your favorite Apple services. Use the Siri Remote (2nd Gen) to control it all.

Apple currently sells on its official website the Apple TV 4K and Apple TV HD. The first for a price that starts at 199 dollars and the second from 159 dollars. Compared to other similar products, we see the great impact it has. We have the $70 Chromecast and the $40 Fire TV. Although the quality and features are not identical, what is clear is that the Apple TV is more expensive than its competitors.

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In fact, there are precedents for the Apple TV to be under a hundred dollars. It’s happened before with the 2nd and 3rd generation Apple TVs. However, the arrival of new models has left this policy behind. But maybe that will all change. the analyst Ming Chi-Kuo posted a tweet in which he assures that Apple plans to launch an Apple TV in the second half of 2022.

This new Apple TV would improve the structure by compacting all its technology, thus lowering the production costs and the materials themselves. may be this is the time when we see the price of the Apple TV cheaper and begin to bring this product to the maximum competitiveness possible. In fact, one of the peculiarities is that this product had Apple TV + exclusively. However, the Big Apple platform is already present on other content streamers such as Chromecast.



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