Apple’s new unified gift cards arrive in Europe

apple gift card

It is sometimes difficult to receive them, but how much we love getting free stuff from applewhatever… And there are a wide variety of devices that can be offered, one of them is the AirTags which, being cheap, are a good option. You do not know what to give ? Well, we always have the option of gift cards. and justly Apple has just renewed in Europe

the famous Apple gift cards. Do you want to know the news of these new Apple gift cards? Keep reading as we tell you all the details…

It must be said that Apple gift cards have been around for a long time, but in 2020 Apple decided to unify the existing cards. There were two, one for the App Store, and one for purchases of hardware or digital services in the Apple Store.. This obviously created a problem, users could confuse them and in the end keep a card that they could not use to buy a device in the Apple Store for example. As often, Apple has started to roll out these new cards in the United States, and in 2021 decided to extend them to Canada and Australia.

After these, Europe with UK, France, Germany and Italy (for the moment). countries in which We can now buy these new Apple gift cards

and that we can use for anything related to the business. Apple thus eliminates all the complexities and saves us from charging gift cards that we cannot use later. And yes, it must be said, the design of these cards is magnificent, a design that we would like to see on the stickers included in Apple devices. And you, What do you think Apple decided to renew gift cards? Did you buy any to give as a gift? We read you…



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