Are you missing the MagSafe on your iPhone? MagDoka will make any iPhone compatible with MagSafe

I have to say that one of the things I liked the most about the new iPhone 12 is precisely one of the less technological innovations: the MagSafe. And it is that this new way of charging, similar to the one we had before, which takes advantage of a circle of magnets, opens up endless possibilities with new devices. If you have an iPhone 11 this is probably the only big difference your device has with the new iPhone 12 … Ok we have 5G, new processor etc … but they are really very similar devices otherwise for MagSafe. Now there are ways to “emulate” this MagSafe and precisely today we want to talk about it MagDoka, the discs that will allow your iPhone to be comp atible with MagSafe


Yeah, that magnet thing is oldThere are a lot of car mounts that have always worked this way: We put a metal sticker on the iPhone, and we had a magnet on the mount. This is the usual and more in older devices with these MagDoka. In the new iPhone 12, it goes further since the iPhone itself recognizes when using this MagSafe,

and this opens up many other possibilities. the MagDokconsist of magnetic disks that we will put on the back of our iPhone. They are priced at $ 16.99 and are compatible with wireless charging, that is, it will not affect its operation.

The best of MagDoka, unlike other similar methods that we have seen, does They are covered with leather, which will not hurt your iPhone. Also the glue they have allow us to delete them and put them as many times as we want. Once put we can use any of the new accessories compatible with the new Apple MagSafe, obviously the MagSafe charger will only be compatible with iPhones that have wireless charging.



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