Audi adds Apple Music to car entertainment system in 2022

every time we have the most connected cars, and unlike what happened with Smart TVs that created their own operating systems, at the level of car manufacturers they adapted Apple CarPlay or Android Auto services, and in the end we still carry our mobile devices in the car and we can use the connectivity of these to give an addition to our cars. Audi opted for its own entertainment system

and now they just announced that Apple Music will be compatible with this system. Keep reading as we tell you all the details.

It must be said that yes, the Audis with the entertainment system of Audi They are also compatible with CarPlay but if for some reason we do not want to use this system we can always use Audi’s own and, now, listen to music through Apple Music without the need to connect our iPhone

a novelty resulting from a new collaboration between Audi and Apple.

At Audi, we consistently promote the digitization of the vehicle and we are convinced that the interior is increasingly becoming a third living space.

do you want to continue call with your iPhone, use Siri or use maps from your iPhone? in this case you have no choice but connect your iPhone

. Necessary or not, it is true that it is ultimately one more addition and that it can be useful in certain other circumstances. This integration with Apple Music coming to Audi in “almost all” Audi cars in North America, Europe and Japan from model year 2022 and will be extended to all compatible vehicles. And you, what do you think of the arrival of Apple Music at Audi? Do you see such an integration needed? we read you…



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