Ball Pass 3D, redefining the classic to pass the time

Those with an iPhone for a long time will remember fantasy games like "Paper Toss", which is simple but with a visual function that makes us happy. Whether it's throwing a ball of paper or basketball, it's time the goal passes and they get it. At this time we bring you a recommendation in the form of a video game so you can engage in the best possible way. We bring it to you Ball Pass 3D, a simple game that can fill your gaps between chapter and chapter of Netflix.

Let's take a look at this week's recommended game.

Ball Pass 3D (AppStore Link)

Ball Pass 3D

Lucky Kat Studios

Right now not everything will depend on getting the ball in the basket, we'll have a little renewal, we'll do something like a partnership because we'll have to pass the ball between different players to achieve the goals of the game, dunk the ball. To do this, using simple and colorful designs, as well as simple mechanics, they adapt well to the touch screen and have a fun learning environment that doesn't make it easy.

so it brings us almost the same challenge. Attractive bet because sometimes it's not easy to taste good.

Since there is no alternative to a "free" game, ads are your way to make money,

therefore, we have to try a few of them between challenge and challenge, or not waste the game experience because it does not interfere during the game, it can make game development slow in the world when we want things soon. It sits at less than 300MB and is compatible with iPhone and iPad. Also, if the game is for sure, you have an ad-free version that costs 3.49 euros, excessively considering the video game development and price of other products available, but you never know.



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