Blackbox, a different puzzle free for a limited time

Black Box

If you like games where you have to test your mental ability, you should try Blackbox, a different puzzle game than what we usually find in the App Store, because we have to Solve them without tapping on the screen, without sliding your fingers across the screen.

To solve the puzzles, we must move and tilt the device

. The game offers us visual and auditory cues that will guide us to achieve our goal in combination with the haptic sensor. It takes a lot of patience and time to be able to solve them, at least if you want to take advantage of the experience it offers us.

Black Box

This game was one of the winners of the Apple Design Awards 2017, a guarantee that we will find a quality title


If you like puzzle games and the idea of ​​solving them by moving the device without interacting with the screen, you find it striking, I invite you to download them throughout the day today as long as it is available for free via the link I leave at the end of this article.

Blackbox has a regular price in the App Store of 4.99 dollars, but we can download it for free today. The game is in continuous development and includes a series of in-game purchases to unlock new levels.

In addition to the possibility of downloading the game for free, we also have the possibility of download the Erudit and Push pack completely free. To install this game on our iPhone or iPad, it must be managed by iOS 13 or higher.

Blackbox - logic puzzle (AppStore link)



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