Call of Duty Warzone is slowly approaching the iPhone and iPad

Call of Duty Warzone

There is no doubt that the arrival of Call Of Duty Warzone on iOS and Android devices is one of those news that many of us have been waiting for. In this case, the developer Activision Blizzard is reportedly looking for a full team of engineers, artists, designers, game developers and other similar profiles to develop what would be the most anticipated game for many on iPhone and iPad.

The game that would be specifically created for mobile devices is still a long way off but it is expected that its development can start as soon as possible and users will end up enjoying this Call of Duty: Warzone on their iPhone and iPad as soon as possible.

The success of Call of Duty Warzone on iPhone and iPad is almost assured

It is true that players and games change a lot but in this case the game could be a real success on a mobile device. And we say this taking into account the context of this type of game and more specifically the Call of Duty saga. When the game arrived on consoles completely free in March 2020, it was a real success and more thanks to the battle royale format

which was preceded by games like Fortnite.

For the moment, what is sought is to have a good team and to develop a game that will be specifically created for mobile platforms. In this sense, this specific point could be of great value in creating the game exclusively for iPhone and iPad, since there will be many more options and games for the user. The game should offer a unique experience to lovers of this saga and really fun to play on a screen like iPhone or iPad.



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