Can you improve the camera on the next iPhone? Kuo, say yes

IPhone 12 Pro cameras

Well-known KGI analyst Ming-Chi Kuo warns of camera changes and improvements on the larger iPhone model. As we read on the well known AppleInsider website the camera of the iPhone 13 Max model could have a wide-angle lens with an aperture of 1.5ƒ which certainly means better photos in low light.

Current iPhone 12 models already show significant improvements in terms of nighttime or low-light photos, but the arrival of this lens on the larger iPhone model would mean yet another improvement. It seems like the rest of the iPhone models will stick to the wide opening angle of 1.6ƒ.

For months now, he has been warning against some improvement in the cameras of the next iPhone and logically inserting this type of lens would improve the portrait effect (blur after object) and logically improve night photos. These lens improvements help increase light collection

and that would be something important when taking the picture.

Improvements to iPhone cameras have been a very important part of presentations for a long time, and many of us we take all or almost all the photos directly from the iPhone

. Upgrading current cameras might seem like a complicated task, but adding the LiDAR sensor and adjusting the lens lenses a bit more can make some really big improvements to the cameras of the next iPhone model. So if these rumors are true it can be said that it would improve the camera.



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