CARROT Weather Launches Smart New Designs In Big Update

CAROT weather forecast is updated

CARROT Weather is one of the most popular weather information apps on the App Store. Indeed, last June, it received the highest design award for the big apple: one of the Apple Design Awards at WWDC 2021. Its careful design and respectful of advances in the design of iOS and iPadOS, along with its constant updates, earned it the award. A few days ago the CARROT Weather version 5.3 with a series of new functions that allow to increase the power of this well-known application in the App Store. We tell you all the news below.

CAROT weather forecast is updated

Yet another great update that expands the capabilities of CARROT Weather

CARROT Weather is an incredibly powerful (and privacy-friendly) weather app that provides hilarious and twisted forecasts.

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The application is distinguished by have a rather particular humor on all windows and weather forecasts offered. Also, with this new version 5.3 The possibilities are increased after adding some great news for app enthusiasts:

  • Forecasts saved by the user: A function has been integrated with which we can record our own weather reports with animations that appear throughout the recording. To be more serious, it will simply be necessary to read the script that CARROT Weather prepares for us according to the time of the place that we decide.
  • Screenshot: Screenshots with the weather information for a certain location are also available to share with our friends or on social networks. With a touch of humor, as always.
  • Smart designs: they integrated various smart new designs which are design parameters in the application that are activated when certain events take place. That is, we can have a smart design that is activated when it rains in which it is indicated when it will stop, how much precipitation will fall, etc.
  • Air quality: we rate air quality based on where we extract the data from. We may require the Premium Ultra subscription to access this feature.
  • Widgets on Apple Watch or iOS: the application is integrated to add information such as complications or in iOS widgets.
CAROTTE weather forecast (AppStore link)

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