Clips are updated by adding augmented reality backgrounds


With the launch of iOS 14.5, the guys from Cupertino took the opportunity to launch a major update to the short video app Clips, an app that reaches version 3.1 and which offers us new augmented reality experiences which are only available on iPhone 12 Pro and iPad Pro (2020 or later) by integrating a LIDAR sensor.

This new update of the Clips app will use the LIDAR scanner to transform the landscape around us by adding different elements such as confetti, sparkles, hearts, neon lights… Thanks to ARKit, the application can identify the people present in the video to show the effects in front of and behind them.

What’s new in version 3.1 of the Clips app

  • Choose from seven augmented reality spaces, including ribbons of colorful lights, magical nebulae, festive pops of confetti, and a vibrant dance floor.
  • Add a new dimension to your videos with augmented reality spaces, thanks to the LiDAR scanner and create fantastic realistic effects which are applied to the contours of the room.
  • Combine augmented reality spaces with emoji labels, stickers and text to give your videos even more personality.
  • When using clips on iPad and viewing them on a second screen, switch between viewing video only or viewing the entire interface.
  • Edit poster and label text with iPhone in landscape orientation.
  • Select multiple projects at once to quickly delete or duplicate them.
  • Get notified when new stickers, posters, and effects are available in clips.

The Clips app is available for your free download. To be able to enjoy the effects unrelated to augmented reality (only available in the iPhone 12 Pro and iPad Pro range from the 2020 model), our device must be an iPhone 7 or higher, a 6th generation iPad or higher, or a iPad Pro from 2017 or later.

Clips (AppStore link)



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