Concept shows what “Always On” feature would look like on iPhone 13

Always On concept on iPhone 13

A few months before the presentation of the new Apple iPhone, the first rumors of the iPhone 13 are starting to emerge. This weekend we learned that from Cupertino they could study the possibility of wearing the “Always On” function, already available on the Apple Watch and other Android devices on the iPhone 13. This function would keep the iPhone screen active at any time by displaying certain information in gray. This concept shows what the function would look like on a supposed iPhone 13: minimalism and functionality.

Apple will opt for a much more minimalist “ Always On ” in the iPhone 13

Functionality Still active allows a device’s screen to always be active, at least on the lock screen. However, the resources that would be expended must be much less than when other system functions are activated. Many Android devices or the Apple Watch itself already integrate this feature which allows, among other things, provide useful and direct information without having to unlock the terminal.

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The iPhone 13 could have a 120Hz ProMotion screen and “Always On”

The iPhone 13 is likely to integrate it with the 120Hz refresh rate that we couldn’t see on the iPhone 12. But without hearing the official news, we can only imagine how the feature will be implemented. . And develop concepts to imagine the new Apple terminal with these features. The Always On pantalla of the iPhone 13, Rumors have it that it will have minimal customability. In addition, it will include very basic information: clock, battery charge and notifications in the form of icons and bars that will appear and disappear without much frills.

In this concept created by the designer Matt Birchler we can see a conservative version in which only time would be seen and at most an additional option like a countdown or timer. In more extended version some widgets adapted to the screen dimming in Always On mode would be accessible at a glance



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