Dance dates for the iPhone 13 event

Rumors should be taken with a grain of salt and in this sense what we have been talking about in recent weeks is that the date of presentation of the new models of The iPhone 13 could arrive sooner than expected or rather at the beginning of the same month of September.

At first it was rumored that the possible launch date for Apple’s new iPhone model would be between the second or third week of next month, but a new rumor indicates that we may have the presentation of the device next Tuesday September 6 and start of sales on the 10th.

The dance of dates is a constant in the weeks before the event

There are fewer and fewer new iPhone models to showcase and so the numbers vary depending on one analyst or another. In this case and for all those who want to have the iPhone 13 in their hands, the sooner they present it, the better, so that they can buy the terminal sooner. As always, until the firm does not officially release the date, we must be on hold, but now everything indicates that it would be earlier than long expected and the first week we could see these new ones. iPhone 13 mini (5.4 inch), iPhone 13 (6.1 inch), iPhone 13 Pro (6.1 inch), and iPhone 13 Pro Max (6.7 inch).

In any case, you have to be patient and wait a little longer until the dates are confirmed. Personally, I am not sure that the first week of September is the time to present these new models, but now the logistics of invitations, media and the like are not so complicated anymore since the events take place without an audience or invited media, they can start streaming whenever they want … Soon we’ll see what’s going on and who was right on the IPhone 13 release date.



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