Datakalab, the new AI-related startup bought by Apple

Datakalab is from Apple

According to the latest information, Apple is working on iOS and iPadOS to bring its first major language model (LLM) and integrate it locally into the device. In this way, the user’s privacy and the protection of their data would be guaranteed because their analysis and tracking would be carried out locally. This new way of understanding the first functions of AI is consistent with the latest information we know from Apple since bought the French startup Datakalab at the end of last year,

in charge of compressing algorithms and AI systems.

Apple continues to acquire AI-related startups: now Datakalab

Datakalab is a French startup dedicated to the development of AI tools. According to the information stored on different web portals, the company has dedicated itself in creating high-efficiency, low-power deep learning algorithms. In addition, its development has focused on the development of these tools without depending on external servers or cloud


iOS 18

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According to French media Challenges, Apple reportedly bought Datakalab in mid-December discreetly. However, the Big Apple had to notify the European Commission of the 100% acquisition and the French media were able to access the notification. In this way, Apple continues to expand and buy smaller AI companies

to improve and create new tools in their operating systems.

One of the potential advantages of Datakalab for Apple is the significant commitment of those in Cupertino in designing tools that protect the user and protect their privacy. This is why the creation of a locally integrated LLM would have been proposed, a aspect in which Datakalab has experience when it comes to compressing neural networks that run directly on devices without the need to access the cloud.



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