Direct messages to your Apple Watch thanks to Jay -Tweet from your Watch

There are a few great applications that give us the options of managing a Twitter social network, look for specific messages sent to us or respond to these messages from Apple's smart watch. The latest version of the app released Jay – Tweet from your Watch, allows us to do all this and more with messages on a well-known social network.

First of all, note that the app is paid for and offers integrated purchases to perform various functions. By law, a 4.49 euros version would be enough for most of us. In this case we wanted to share this app called Jay, which is nothing more than a Twitter client it's also done that we can use it on our iPhone and Apple Watch.

The obvious thing is that reading Twitter chats on our Apple Watch is not the best thing in the world, but sometimes it can be useful to reach out to the public from the watch and this kind of application comes in to play what, in contrast to the actual, support they provide for Apple Watch is excellent and each time they add new features so they can easily and easily navigate. In this case, the latest version of the app also allows it see and answer DM.

Jay also supports visiting gifs, animating images with Digital Crown, and provides great access to VoiceOver's full support, so any message can be answered easily. We can open tweets, profiles and hashtags on the iPhone using our favorite Twitter app like Original, Topbot or Twitterrific. We are a strong client with managing our accounts and new features that are active everywhere Apple Watch Series 2 or higher, in watOS version 6.1 or later.

Jay - Tweet from your watch (AppStore link)

Jay – Tweet from your Watch

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