Disabling WhatsApp notifications in archived chats was a new feature

archived whatsapp chats

At the end of last month, a few acquaintances saw that WhatsApp notifications in archived chats were not reaching them … At the time of wondering, I didn’t have this option available and we did an article on the web showing the differences between these devices, with a screenshot of the screen. Well it looks like this option is here to stay and now all users who updated the mail app have this option enabled

to turn off archived chats so that you don’t get notifications if you don’t turn it off.

In this article, we have listed the new version of the app and it looks like it is. In this case, the current version which adds the ability to silence or notify messages in archived threads is

and it is originally disabled, so we have to enable these notifications if we want to.

In addition to this option to silence or activate notifications in the new version released a few hours ago, other changes are also added:

  • They allow you to leave group calls and join them while they are active. We can hang up and reunite again
  • Sticker suggestions have improved and will help us locate the most relevant when composing a post
  • Bug fixes and miscellaneous fixes

You may not have the archived chats feature active at the moment and they are being added in a phased manner, but check it if you want to receive notifications from these chats as you may not realize that they write to you because of it.



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