Does FaceTimes make you crazy about most people? IOS 13.5 will allow you to disable auto-zoom

Yesterday was beta day and Apple released a new beta version of iOS 13.5, the next big app to use Cupertino mobile devices. The new Beta brings us some important news that will come in handy in these bizarre days. Ever wondered how SpaceTime works on group calls? IOS 13.5 brings us the ability to do this annoying face removal (or not) when we talk

. After the jump we tell you more about this StarTime upgrade in iOS 13.5

The fact is that SpaceTime is one of the most effective video shooter programs, but it's true that with new group video calls (up to 32 people) the proximity of each face they have while talking can make us dizzy. As we say, Apple wanted to improve performance by keeping the whole face organized and they do not grow depending on when they speak. PTo activate the popular face zoom in the group FaceTime (with iOS 13.5), you must follow these steps:

  1. Open settings
  2. Scroll down until we find the SpaceTime settings
  3. There we will see an option called Automatic Prominence (we expect it to be called Automatic Zoom in Spanish)
  4. Disable this feature

Of course, even though I'm disabled we will continue with the option to expand the other faces

our video calls, we will need to press any face we have on our call to keep it in the foreground. IOS 13.5 which shouldn't take long to arrive, as we noted in another post, brings some first aid so our devices can fight the spread of Coronavirus, which is more than the fact that our machine will now show us an application to open the code when you see that we have a mask on it.



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