eBay now supports Apple Pay payments

EBay Payments

Apple Pay continues its journey step by step. On this occasion, David Becker, editor-in-chief of Appleosophy, showed how this popular object-trading portal accepts Apple’s payment service. In this case we are talking about eBay website, not in the application that has allowed this payment method for a long time, the iOS and iPadOS applications.

Without a doubt, Apple Pay is one of the safest and fastest payment services that we know of, competing directly with banks’ own credit and debit cards and gradually users are using more. the cards to shop for plus now are in a pandemic and cash requires ‘more contact’ than card / contactless payments. On web pages, many users also use cards to make their purchases and in this case, Apple Pay Joins PayPal, Visa Mastercard and American Express as Payment Services on eBay Site


At the moment in our country it does not seem to be available, at least this is what we see when we tried to make the purchase of certain products on the eBay site, it only accepts payments through Paypal, Visa Mastercard or Google Pay. It seems that in the United States it is already working, so it should not be long before it spreads to other places.

The best thing about all of this is that the expansion of Apple Pay service is constant and most importantly reaching anywhere. Gradually, the options for users to pay with this Apple service are greater and although for example the physical Apple card is not available in all countries, the payment service via Apple Pay whether with the iPhone, the iPad, the Apple Watch or the Mac are really widespread.



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