EFF says Facebook complaints about Apple’s new privacy policy are ridiculous


Yesterday we talked about how Facebook plans to start a war criticizing Apple’s new privacy policy. And it looks like Facebook seems quite upset that Apple is allowing its users, starting in 2021, to know in real time all the information an app collects from them. Do you sometimes wonder if an app listens to you to show you advertising on a topic after talking about that topic? Well, it’s going to end. They’ll listen to us, yes, but at least we’ll know when it happens

. Now the EFF is in favor of Apple and rate the review as Ridiculous facebook. Keep reading as we give you all the details of the EFF position.

And is that we are clear, Facebook makes a fortune with the ads they have on the social network, effective ads by tracking user data. And no, Facebook does not help sellers to sellThey are even intermediaries who profit from the sale of spaces on the social network. And we just have to see the new facebook market, with it, they try to get us to buy the articles that interest us through the social network itself, or even through their other networks such as Instagram, and thus play a monopoly that encompasses the process of research and purchase of any article. In other words, Facebook allows sellers to advertise and reach your consumers, but try to get them to sell in your market and thus gain a commission on sales


Does Facebook Help Advertisers By Tracking Users? no, they help themselves. This is why the Electronic Frontier Foundation, EFF, you see it all ridiculous by Facebook. same encourage Google to follow in Apple’s footsteps on Android … we will see that Google also benefits from these traces … the best thing, for us, is that It’s hard for Apple to end up going through the Facebook ring, and finally in the next one 2021, we, the users, will need to allow apps to track our data. Something fair that we can allow, when we are interested, or not, when we are not interested.



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